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The purpose ofAdventurerAwards, is to provide instructors with answers to facilitate their experience as teachers. The answers are based in the requirements of the North American Division for the Adventurer Program.

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Bible Activities and Resources ( The Scripture Lady) - Press Here
Bible Crafts and Lessons (Danielle's Place) - Press Here
Bible Crafts (DLTK) - Press Here
Children's Sermons (Sermons 4 Kids) - Press Here
Objective Lessons (Apple Sauce Kids) - Press Here
Objective Lessons (Kids Sunday School)- Press Here

More Resources

Texas Conference Young and Young Adults Website
Adventurer Registration/Club Certification
Adventurer Family Camp Registration
Verified Volunteer Instructions
Verifies Volunteer Background Check Website

PPP Tutorial - Online Registration and Screening Process

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Guidelines Information

Online Registration Guide
Code of Conduct and Guidelines

Club Forms

Adventurer Brochure - Editable Publisher format 
Club Registration Form - PDF format Editable Word format
Medical Consent Form - PDF format