Central Texas Area Coordinators


Anita Cisneros

Where in the central Texas area are you from and what are your favorite things to do?

 I currently live in the majestic hill county of Wimberley Texas with my amazing husband and 3 vibrant kids. As a family we enjoy your typical activities like nature walks, camping watching movies, but our all-time favorite is game night!  Personally, I love to do crafts!  

What do you enjoy most about Adventurers?

 I have always enjoyed working with kids but then I found the Adventurers and WOW! Once I experienced the Adventurer ministry there was no looking back. I love the enthusiasm of the 4-5 year olds, the curiosity of the 6-8 year olds and not to mention the leadership skills the 9 &10 year olds display to the younger kids. You have it all with the Adventurer ministry! As a parent this ministry has given me great friendships, and as a leader it has also taught me how important it is for families to have safe place for our children to learn and grow with Jesus.  

What do you want to see happen through the Adventurer ministry?

 Frankly, I already see it! I have been in this ministry for 20 years and I get a sense of pride and feel happiness when I see the children (now young adults) from my past clubs serve as leaders in their church. I can recall a particular local area camp where I was able to witness about 7 young adults who were in my very first Adventurer club serving as camp directors, Master Guide helpers and one serving as the camp nurse. It brought me such joy to see them giving their time and talents back to the ministry they so loved when they were kids. God is good! And His Son is coming soon…so let’s prepare our children.  

Hugo Cisneros

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Wendy Hernandez

What do you like to do most?

I have the privilege of being the mother of three children of the Lord, Sol of 12 years, Sofia of 10 years and Sahir of 3 years. My hobbies are crafts, listening to classical music and of course outdoor activities.

What do you enjoy most about Adventurers?

What I like most about Adventurers is to see children actively participate in classes, hear them sing, and tell others about Jesus. My first experiences teaching in children's ministry began at the age of 11 in a town of Veracruz called Congregación Hidalgo. While my mother helped with the adults in the church planting. The passion for clubs was born in Monterrey as a member of the Pioneros Club of the Vallarta church.

Where in Central Texas are you from and what do you want to see happen through Adventurers?

Arriving in San Antonio, Tx. I continued to serve as an instructor in  the Adventurers Club Sonrisas. Later serving as Director of the same club, Explorers, Universe and Quasar a community club. It is my desire to help the children to know Jesus as their Friend and Savior, to learn to love and serve others as Jesus did, understanding that we are on the threshold of seeing Him face to face.

J'Leen Saeger

Where in the central Texas area are you from and what are your favorite things to do?

 I am originally from La Sierra, California; however, my family and I moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2010 for my husband's job.  I love to read, swim, go camping, eat out at restaurants, and hang out with my family and friends.  

What do you enjoy most about Adventurers?

I love Adventurers because the program is designed to teach children about God and his love in a fun way. I enjoy working on the Area team because we work hard not just for our own children, but for all of them.  

What would you like to see happen through the Adventurer ministry?

 It is my hope in Adventurers that we bring children closer to Christ so they will choose to follow him daily and, in time, use their talents to teach others about God.  

Ana Acosta

Where in the Central Texas area are you from?

I was born and raised in the Austin area. Now I live outside the city in the town of Elgin with my husband and three children. When I graduated high school, I was certified as a medical assistant but I am now a homeschooling parent. I started my teaching career at church as a Cradle Roll teacher and have been working with children for the past 8 years. In Adventurers I started teaching Hormiguitas for two years and I’m currently finishing my last class this year.   

What do you enjoy most about Adventurers?

My favorite thing to do with the Adventurers is to teach them all about Nature! We see the hand of our creator everywhere we look. God and science go hand in hand, He made us to be born natural scientists!

What do you want to see happen through Adventurers?

Now as an Area Coordinator I would like to see our Central Texas family unite into a well-organized army that is ready to evangelize and grow our family into a bigger one. I would like to see our current clubs grow in numbers as well as have new club join us to help spread the word of God. 🤗 

Andres Acosta

Where in Central Texas are you from and what are your favorite things to do?

My family and I live in Elgin which is about 30 miles east of Austin.   I love to be active so if it has to do with challenging the body physically then you will likely find me doing it.  I also love music and really enjoy singing to it even if it means scaring everyone around me away 😁.  I am also a proud father and more than anything, I enjoy watching them grow and celebrate all the awesome things they accomplish.  

What do you enjoy most about Adventurers?

 I really enjoy working with kids because of their enthusiasm and energy to want to learn.  Children are like sponges at an Adventurer age and we have to soak them with the knowledge of God.  I also like that we strive to bring families together in a world that offers so many distractions that separate families. 

What would you like to see happen through Adventurers?

 It's so easy to priorities our work, our errands and personal achievements over our own families but God calls us to serve Him as a family.  Con Dios en la familia...que hogar feliz.  With God in the family...what a happy home.  There is potential in our Adventurer children and I want to open the children's curiosity and have them believe that God can use them to do BIG things.  God put something special in each and every child and I just want to be able to water the seed and stir up what God intends to one day flourish for His glory.