Special Events


Regular Meeting

Adventurer Club meetings are where all the action happens. Kids play games; make crafts; perform skits; sing songs; learn about nature, health, and their world . . . and lots of other fun and interesting activities. Before you and your team begin planning each meeting, here are a few things to keep in mind: 


Adventurer Sabbath

The NAD each year suggests a Sabbath in October or November as Adventurer Day to be observed in all Seventh-day Adventist churches. Here you can find useful suggestions to make your Adventure Sabbath a success.


Induction Ceremony

An induction ceremony is the process or formal act of accepting someone into a group or job.  For the Adventurers and their families, the induction is a ceremony that signifies a commitment for new members, as well as, returning members, to dedicate themselves to the Lord. 


Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture service is a time at which the children are given the Adventurer awards and Adventurer Class insignia they have earned during the year. Here you can find useful suggestions to lead out a successful Investiture. 


Family Network

An important part of the Adventurer Club ministry is providing parents and guardians in your church, as well as your community, with a support network. The Family Network is an intentional way for the Adventurer Club and the church family to provide support and training on parenting topics to parents and guardians. 


Blessing Service/Baptismal Recognition

The Blessing Service & Baptismal Recognition are two key services that help motivate your club's spirituality. Keep your club motivated with these resources.